About Reptiles and Snakes

Would you like to own a Snake, Lizard, Bird or other Exotic Animal, But don’t know how to get started?

Avian & Exotic Animal Veterinary Services specializes treatment of exotic animals, medication and nutrition.

Deciding to purchase a reptile is a pretty big decision. So, I hope you find this “consumer guide” a valuable resource.

Reptiles in the pet trade are prone to stress and some are ill (especially in large pet stores). But, because Vet Pets is a full-service animal hospital, you are GUARANTEED your pet is healthy. How do I know? Because Doctor Hannon personally examines every animal. As a matter of fact Doctor Hannon specializes in exotic animal care. He is an active MEMBER of the Association of Reptile And Amphibian Veterinarians. Providing veterinary care for reptiles is a special field of study. In fact, several Vets regularly refer their exotic animals to Doctor Hannon.

How To Buy A Reptile:

  1. Look at the reptile. I know this sounds obvious, but you can learn a lot just be observing the animal. The reptile should be well-fed. You’ll don’t want an animal that’s skin and bones. Snakes should have nice, round body. And the backbone shouldn’t be visible.
  2. Look at the skin. If the skin is wrinkled or dull, the animal may be dehydrated.
  3. Check for cleanliness. If there’s fecal material on the reptile, it’s probably been kept in an unsanitary, overcrowded condition.
  4. Look at the eyes. They should be clean and clear. No discharge. No eye-boogers.
  5. Look for mucous around the nostrils (but, salt deposits are normal in some species).
  6. Check the mouth. Most reptiles have healthy, pink colored mouths. Avoid animals with a pale pink or greyish mouth.
  7. Check the head for swelling or asymmetry. This could indicate metabolic bone disease or abscesses.
  8. Check for mites (those tiny, little specks that move).
  9. Ask to handle the reptile and check it’s strength. A docile, limp animal may be ill.

If you follow these general guidelines you should be well on your way to enjoying your new reptilian friend!

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